Buffering Features

The Buffer tool creates a buffer of a specified distance around the selected features of a layer. The buffer can be used to select the features of another layer that intersect it or are contained within it.

Before clicking the Buffer tool you must select the features to be buffered. Features can be selected using one of the following tools: Find, Query, Select by Rectangle, or Select by Line/Polygon. If you click Buffer before you have selected features, a message appears telling you that there are no selected features to buffer.

  1. Click Active beside a layer to make it active.

  2. Select features of the active layer using one of the methods described in this section.

  3. Click Buffer on the toolbar.

  4. The Buffer panel appears below the map display area.

  5. Click the Layer dropdown arrow and click a layer.

  6. Type a buffer distance in the text box.

  7. If you want to see the attributes of features within the buffer, check Display Attributes.

  8. Click Create Buffer.

  9. A buffer appears around the selected features. Features from the selected layer that fall within the buffer are highlighted in red. Attribute information about the features appears in tabular format in the bottom panel.

Tip: Buffers Can Take Time

Depending on the number of features selected and the buffer distance, creating a buffer can take a while.

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