Locating Addresses

Address matching involves locating a point based on a user-specified address. Use the Locate Address tool to perform address matching. The Locate Address tool is only available if the geocoding properties of a geocodable layer were set during map authoring.

  1. Click Locate Address on the toolbar.
  2. The Locate Address panel appears below the map display area.
  3. Click the Layer dropdown arrow and click a layer.
  4. Type an address in the Street text box.
  5. The address consists of the street number, name, and type.
  6. Type information into as many of the other text boxes as you can.
  7. If you type a street name into the CrossStreet text box, do not include a street number in the address you type into the Street text box.
  8. Click Locate.
  9. Address matches are listed in the bottom panel. Addresses with higher scores are better matches.
  10. Click the number corresponding to an address to zoom to it on the map.

Tip: Improving the Accuracy of Address Matching Results

The more information you type, the more accurate your search will be.

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