Measuring Distances and Setting Units

Use the Measure tool to measure distances on the map. Each time you click the map, a new point is added. If you click the map three times you will end up with two line segments—one from the first point to the second point, and one from the second point to the third.

You can add as many segments as you like. As you move your mouse away from the last point, the segment length changes in the Segment text box. The next time you click the map the new segment length is added to the total length in the Total text box.

Measuring Distances on the Map
  1. Click Measure on the toolbar.
  2. Click the starting point on your map.
  3. Click to add a second point, creating a line segment.
  4. Click to add a third point, creating a second line segment. Repeat to create additional line segments.
  5. The Total distance of all of the line segments appears in the Total text box.

Setting Display Units
  1. Click Set Units on the toolbar.
  2. The Set Units panel appears below the map display area.
  3. In the box below the map display area click the Display Units dropdown arrow and click Feet, Miles, Meters, or Kilometers.
  4. Click Set Units.

Tip: Finishing Measurements

To clear the Total and remove segments from the map, click Clear Selection on the toolbar. If you are done measuring, click another tool on the toolbar.

Tip: Turn Off Image Toolbar

To turn off the Image Toolbar in Internet Explorer, go to Tools | Internet Options in your browser. Click on the Advanced tab and scroll down to the multimedia section to uncheck the Enable Image Toolbar option. You can also turn off the automatic image resizing option in the same area.

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