Querying Data

The Query tool allows you to find features matching a query expression. Click the Query button then build an expression using the tools that appear below the map display area.
  1. Click Active beside a layer to make it active.
  2. Click Query on the toolbar.
  3. The query panel appears below the map display area.
  4. Click the Field dropdown arrow and click a field to query.
  5. Click the Operator dropdown arrow and click an operator.
  6. Type a value in the Value text box or click Get Samples and click one of the sample values that appear in the dropdown list.
  7. Click Add to Query String.
  8. If you are done building your query, click Execute. If you are not done, continue adding to your query then click Execute.
  9. A list of features matching your search criteria appears in the box below the map display area. The features are also highlighted on the map.
  10. Click a record number in the Rec column to zoom to a particular feature, or scroll down and click Zoom to these records to zoom to all of the features returned by your search.

Tip: Clearing Your Query Expression

If you make a mistake when building your query, click Undo to remove the last item you added to your query string or Clear to clear the entire query string.

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