Map Viewer Interface


The toolbar is where all of the power of the site resides. Many mapping sites only allow you to turn layers on and off. Here you can interact with the site. Doing things like "show me all of the property within 300 feet" and complex queries like "show me properties in my county that are larger than 1500 square feet and are not commercial".

Overview Map:

When you are zoomed in, you can sometimes forget where you are. This is where the overview map comes in. It will always show you where you are on the map. You can also use it to quickly navigate to another part of the map. Also for your convenience, the overview map can be toggled on and off.

Map Frame:

This is the main map display. This will be your main interaction area within the site. You can zoom in and out, pan around and interact with all the layers and features within the site.

Layer List:

The layer list area displays all of the layers sorted into folder groups. By clicking on a folder, you can view all of the layers in the group currently available at the present zoom in extent. You can turn layers on and off by checking the box next to the layer you would like to display and then refreshing the map. You can also select the active layer and refresh the map automatically by clicking on the round radio button next to the layer you would like to interact with. Making a layer active gives the user the ability to use any of the tools in the toolbar to discover additional information about layers and their features. Keep in mind that the tools will only work with the active layer.

Query Results Frame:

The query results frame is where the results are displayed when you request information from the site through tools such as Query, Find, and Search. You can copy the information displayed here into popular programs such as Microsoft Excel. Just right-click within this frame and choose the Select All option. Then hit Ctrl-C on your keyboard to copy the selected contents to your computers clipboard. Open excel and hit Ctrl-V on your keyboard to paste the contents from the website into the spreadsheet. From here, you can save the file into many different formats or merge the file with a word processor to create mailing labels and for letters.

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