Zooming and Panning the Map Display Area

The zoom and pan tools allow you to change the map extent.

Zoom in or out by clicking the center of the area to zoom in to or out from, or by clicking and dragging a box around it.

Zoom to the full extent of the map, the extent of the active layer, or the last extent by clicking the appropriate button on the toolbar. See the map viewer toolbar for more information.

Pan the map by clicking the map and dragging it, or by clicking one of the unidirectional pan buttons: Pan to North, Pan to South, Pan to East, and Pan to West.

Zooming In and Out
  1. Click Zoom In or Zoom Out on the toolbar.

  2. Move the mouse pointer to the desired location on the map, then click and drag a box around it.

  3. Release the mouse button.

  4. The map display zooms in to or out from the selected area.

Panning the Map Display
  1. Click Pan on the toolbar.

  2. Click the map and drag the mouse in the direction you want to pan.

  3. To see more to the left, click and drag the map to the right.

  4. To see more to the right, click and drag the map to the left.

  5. To see more at the top, click and drag the map downward.

  6. To see more at the bottom, click and drag the map upward.

  7. Release the mouse button.

  8. The map display refreshes.

Tip: Refreshing Your Browser

Keep in mind that using the browser's Refresh button reloads the Web page, causing you to lose any changes to your map such as zooms to the extent or new symbols to a layer.

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